Monument To Sir Joseph Whitworth

Source: Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser (Monday, 3 September 1894)

On Saturday afternoon a handsome monument from the inhabitants of Darleydale, Derbyshire, was presented to Lady Whitworth, in token of the esteem felt for the memory of the late Sir Joseph Whitworth, Bart. The monument occupies a space in the centre of the grounds at the Whitworth Institute, and has an imposing appearance, the base being formed of one block of Stancliffe stone. weighing 21 tons. Three medallions, with bas relief, bear an inscription, a bust of the deceased baronet, and a list of his inventions.

The ceremony was announced for three o'clock, and there were at least 5,000 people present. Mr. H. Deeley, County Councillor, as chairman of the committee, in an able address alluded to the great benefactions they in Darley had been recipients of in the last few years, and also to the magnificent presentation of £140,000 to Manchester in various bequests, to the busy and useful life of the deceased baronet, and also to the regret he and all felt at Lady Whitworth's indisposition which prevented her ladyship being present that day. Mr. T. Right, the hon. secretary, read a letter from Lady Whitworth, which stated that owing to serious illness it was impossible for her to be present. She thanked all who had so nobly helped to erect the monument to her dear husband. Mr. Edward Broadhurst (Manchester), nephew of Lady Whitworth, acted as her ladyship's representative, and assured them how dearly Lady Whitworth appreciated this act of kindness to her departed husband, and he assured them that, though prevented from being present, she was with them in the spirit, and fully recognised the honour that was being done to the memory of the baronet, and to her as his relict. Mr. Broadhurst then unveiled the monument.

Sir Joseph Whitworth Memorial. Darley Dale